ZzzQuil / ZQuil – do you have trouble sleeping?  Want to wake up feeling refreshed?  ZzzQuil / ZQuilDon’t trust prescription sleeping pills?  Try this.

ZzzQuil / ZQuil is the latest offering from the makers of Vick’s Nyquil. It isn’t a treatment for colds or flu, just sleep.  It’s a non-habit-forming sleep aid that promises to get you that much-needed shuteye.

ZZZQuil / ZQuil – How does it work?

The active ingredient in ZzzQuil / ZQuil is diphenhydramine HCI.  This drug is actually an antihistamine.  Histamine works with your brain receptors to help you stay awake and alert.  Antihistamine does just the opposite.
Diphenhydramine helps you fall asleep quicker so you get a good night’s sleep.  It’s approved by the FDA and is not habit-forming.

Next time you have trouble falling asleep, try ZZZQuil / ZQuil.



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